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This site is a recreation of Forty Years Among the Indians, first published in 1890 by Daniel Webster Jones (1830-1915), my great-great-great grandfather. Between 2003 and 2009, this site was hosted by Geocities. With the discontinuation of Geocities in October 2009, I have moved the content of the site to Blogger.

The original site was mirrored at this location: http://jjones24.50webs.com/DanielWebsterJones/index.html

You can also find a scanned copy of the original text at Google Books:


I have included a number of items of potential interest regarding the book which I researched when putting the Geocities site together. The following is a page from that site identifying and describing those materials:

Extra-Textual Information.


Trozos Selectos del Libro de Mormon

Wallace Stegner (1909-1993) "The Man That Ate the Pack Saddle" , from Chapter 10 of The Gathering of Zion: The Story of the Mormon Trail, New York: McGraw Hill, 1964, 1981, pp. 260-274. A version was also published in Esquire magazine. An interesting account from a prominent Non-LDS Utah historian taken from chapters 10-20 of Forty Years Among the Indians. This could be a very good introduction to the material.

Abraham H. Cannon (1859-1896), Excerpts from his journal, Vol. xiv (28 January 1891 - 14 July 1891) LDS apostle 1889-1896, manager of the Juvenile Instructor; contains remarks concerning a disagreement with Daniel Webster Jones and the publication of Forty Years Among the Indians.

Jack McAllister, “The Unlikely Daniel Webster Jones: First Spanish Translations from the Book of Mormon,” Ensign, August 1981, 50. An article published in the Ensign, the official magazine of the Church. Details Daniel Webster Jones' conversion and the translation of the Book of Mormon into Spanish. Another good introduction.

Jack McAllister, “The Unlikely Convert: Daniel Webster Jones,” Tambuli, June 1988, 12. An update of the same article published in the Church's International Magazines.

Read both of these articles on the Church's official website:

Jack Goaslind (1928- ), "In His Strength I Can Do All Things," Then a member of the Presidency of the Seventy, talk delivered during the Priesthood Session of LDS General Conference, April 5, 1997. Relates the Devil's Gate incident.

Jack Goaslind, "In His Strength I Can Do All Things," on Church Website

David Bednar (1952- ), excerpt from "In the Strength of the Lord,", speech given at BYU Marriott Center October 23, 2001, and at BYU-Idaho January 8, 2002. President of Ricks/BYU-Idaho and an Area Authority Seventy, 1997-present.

Bill Hickman (1815-1883), "Brigham's Destroying Angel," New York : Geo. A. Crofutt, 1872. Excerpts from Chapters 4 and 5. Online Version of 1964 Reprint

Contains Bill Hickman's account of incidents found in Chapters XVI and XXI of Forty Years Among the Indians

Of this work, Daniel Jones comments in Chapter XVI,

"Can anyone believe such stuff? If all his book is like this for truth, one would do well to believe the reverse."

Sol Lewis, D. E. Livingston-Little, and Don Russell, Three Book Reviews, published about 1960, at the time of reprinting by Westernlore Press.

A. R. Mortensen, Foreword to 1960 reprint by Westernlore Press.

Fay Wray, granddaughter, excerpt from her autobiography, On the Other Hand: A Life Story, New York, NY: St. Martin's Press, 1989, p. 6-7, 180.

Nathan Jones, great-great-grandson, Note accompanying 1997 limited reproduction of Forty Years Among the Indians

Myles and Elsie Jones, great-grandson and wife, Dedication to family members in a 1997 limited Reproduction of Forty Years Among the Indians.

Ryan Reeder, great-great-great grandson Student Paper and Addendum written by the creator of this website for a Utah History class at BYU, 2000.

Ryan Reeder's website versions of paper and addendum

Family Information of Daniel Webster Jones, taken from FamilySearch.org and History and Genealogy of Daniel Webster Jones by Amy Jones Doyle (Western Printing Co.: Salt Lake City, UT, 1953).

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  1. Ryan, I didn't know where to write a comment to you. My name is Joseph. My wife and I currently live in SLC, UT. I'm using her account (Because I don't have my own) to write to you. I hope you read this!!!

    I came across your recordings of The Book of Mormon about two months ago, and recently, I decided to listen to them. Thank you SO MUCH for taking the time to share them. I know you might wonder if you have made a difference in enyones life. You are a reminder to me to put the Lord first in are lives. So thank you SOOO much!!

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  3. Hi Ryan,

    This is June Jones... you mentioned on the 1st page that I had mirrored the book, 40 Years Among the Indians, which is true. When one clicks on the link on your blog, however, it is redirected to the google book...mine is actually much easier to read... if you wish to correct that for people who want an easier way to read the book, then please change your HTML to http://jjones24.50webs.com/DanielWebsterJones/index.html As you know, my husband, Ronald B. Jones, is Daniel Webster Joneses' 2nd great grandson as well, through Daniel P.Jones/Orren Cloyd Jones/Gerald W. Jones. Thanks for fixing that!! June C. Jones