Note to family members

By Myles and Elsie Jones



WE HOPE you will receive much satisfaction from reading this book in years to come.

Daniel Webster Jones as your ancestor left a great legacy for each one of us to remember and follow along with many others. I feel his life was protected and guided many times by the Lord, as was brought out by Elder Jack H. Goaslind in the priesthood session of the April 1997 General Conference.

I have passed the area at Green River, Utah many times, (where Grandpa accidentally shot himself) and wondered why the group didn't head their sheep more Southwest from there instead of Northwest and having to go over the Summit. The Lord I'm sure had a hand in this--as you can see Great Grandpa Jones had a great mission to perform in the Church.

Daniel Webster Jones was a remarkable man in many ways, he had a great memory to be able to write this book in such detail after so many years. May his life be an inspiration for each of us.

Love-Grandad & Grandma Jones

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