Remarks from the Journal of Elder Abraham H. Cannon

Remarks from the Journal

of Elder Abraham H. Cannon

by Abraham H. Cannon (1859-1896)


Excerpts from Volumes XI:143, XII:20, and XIV:99-100.


FRIDAY, October 18th, 1889 ... Thereafter I went to the office and read a proof of Dan Jones' book "Forty Years among the Indians," of which we put the first form to press this evening.


Monday, Jany 13th, 1890. Wanship -- After reaching the city I spent several hours at the office reading the Hymn Book and Juvenile proofs. I also called on Pres. Woodruff and reported my labors and had some talk with him concerning Dan Jones' book "Forty Years among the Indians," which we are printing. He had been informed that the author was censuring in his book the authorities of the Church in Arizona, and Pres. W. did not approve of this. I told him that some features of this kind had been erased from the Ms., and others would be if I found them, as I was revising the copy. This satisfied Pres. W. I told Bro. Jones of the President's inquiry, and he was willing to have anything objectionable withdrawn from the work.


Wednesday, April 8th, 1891. Salt Lake City. Most of the day I spent in the office, where I answered the mail and in the afternoon was trying to settle with Dan W. Jones for his work "Forty Years Among the Indians." He thinks we are trying to cheat him, and he therefore hired an expert to look over our account with me. We spent several hours at the job and yet Jones does not feel satisfied. He is very unreasonable and ignorant in his statements. I told him to leave the matter entirely with his expert and then the matter could be speedily settled.

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